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Once you have your frame in place you will need to stake it to the ground to keep it from blowing out on you.


I am sure there are many schools of thought on this subject, but I can only speak from my experience.

You can use a variety of material to stake your rink. Some use rebar, some make brackets and drive steel bars through the bracket into the ground, some buy premade brackest like the ones that NiceRink offers and other like myself just use 2x2 stakes you can get at your local home improvement store (Home Depot or Lowes).

Depending on the depth of the water you will put a stake at different lengths apart from each other. My rink goes from 6" to 16" of board height and the water depth gets to about 18" near one of the corners. For the shallow end I put a stake every 4' and pound it level with the top of the frame. In the deep end I put a stake every 2' or so as the force from the water will be much greater and I do not want to have a blowout. The transition from shallow to deep I put them in every 3'. My rink has roughly 6,000 gallons of water and this method holds every drop where I want it. I secure the stakes to the frame using 2-1/2 inch deck screws, screwing from the inside of the frame into the stake.

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