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Location is EVERYTHING!!! Where you build your rink is the thing that will set the tone for the entire project. Pick the right spot and this is a far more enjoyable experience.


Determine where you will build your rink. Some things you absolutely need to consider are as follows...

  1. If you are building for kids under the age of 10 a 20'x20' rink is a good size for them.
  2. If you are building a rink for "bigger kids" then you should make it as big as you can. 20'x40' would be a good start 30'x60' would probably be better. GO BIG NOW! If you go smaller thinking it will be good enough you will most likely realize it wasn't. 20' sounds like a good distance until you (a bigger kid) strap on skates and skate across it
  3. A level yard is not an absolute must, but will certainly make the process easier (see the article on "leveling" for tips on getting your boards level)
  4. DO NOT put your rink on top of your septic system.
  5. Shaded area or full sun?
    1. If you can try to put your rink in a shaded area, it will last longer on those bright sunny days in February/March when the temps start to rise
    2. If you are in full sun be aware that the ice will get soft on the top during the day
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