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How will you build your rink? Wood frame and a liner? Natural rink? Some combination of the two?


There are several schools of thought here here are the most popular two.

  1. Put up a woden frame and drop in a liner to hold the water.
  2. Wait for a good snowfall and let mother nature be your rink designer. There are pros and cons to both.

The Pros



Holds water during thaws The shape of the rink is not limited to a
No need to wait for snow to assemble Other than the water, there is no
added expenses
Season starts earlier and lasts longer "One-man" job, just you and your hose

The Cons



Liner and frame can get expensive You are at the mercy of mother nature
Typically not a "one-man" job to lay
out the frame and liner
Setup time is extended over several
days as you gradually flood the rink
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