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Are your boards standing above the surface of the rink? Are they shorter than four feet? You may want to pad them with something in the event someone falls on or near the boards.

Here are some suggestions...

Pre-made for your rink options are as follows:

NiceRink Bumper Caps
NiceRink bumper caps for sale. They are bright yellow and come in 4' and 8' lengths and are basically oversized pool noodles.  If you budget is on the larger side, these are a great option.

Iron Sleek Toppers
Iron Sleek has added "Toppers" to their product line.  They are similar to a pool noodle except the hole is offset to create a thicker TOP.  They come in 5' lengths and re blue

Both of these options are great and you will not be disappointed with either one.  In my personal opinion the Iron Sleek Toppers have a design advantage and are actually less expensive.

D.I.Y solutions are as follows:

Pipe Insulation
You can find this at any home improvement store. It probably won't be as thick as the NiceRink Bumper Caps, but will do the job.

Swimming Pool Noodles
The ones that have the small hole in the middle. Cut a slit down one side of them and spread them over your boards. These also help to hold the liner in place making it so you do not have to put holes in your liner.

September 2007: I picked up 30 pool noodles and am going to give them a try this season (2007-2008), They were on sale and were worth a try, I'll report back on them during/after the season.

Winter 2012 UPDATE After 5 seasons with the pool noodles, I think I will have to replace several of them and they are starting to show serious signs of wear. Not bad, a $30 investment lasting 5 years, that is $6 a year. :-)

Winter 2013 UPDATE:  I made the move to the Iron Sleek Toppers this year.  So far, so good.  They are much sturdier than the previous pool noodles and the uniform color is pretty nice too.  I hope they last as long if not longer than the noodles did, but for right now I am yet again very impressed with the products from Iron Sleek (see my article on BRACKETS to read about the other Iron Sleek product I am using on my rink).

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