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You find yourself in a position that you need to add more water to the rink, but you already have a layer of ice. What do you do?

Several things come to mind here...

1. Add the water on top of the ice

2. Drill a hole big enough to put the hose into and add the water under the ice

3. Add the water in thin layers over a couple days to achive the depth you need

4. Depending on the weather, wait for an early season thaw and add the water before the next cold snap

Option 1: It seems to me that option 1 is probably not the best choice. If the water doesn't seep under the ice on it's own you could cause shell ice, which now you have gone from a bad situation to worse. <Winter 2012 UPDATE> You can add some depth with bucket dumps, but you will have to stay clear of the rink until everything fully freezes and you are still subject to the possibility of shell ice if you try to add more than 1/8 of an inch at a time.

Option 2: This makes great sense during a cold snap, just expect the hole you drilled to get a little bigger from the warmer water flowing through the hose and the movement of the water in that area.

Option 3: This is also great during a cold snap, as long as you have several days to do this and you do not try to add more than 1/8" - 1/4" at a time. <Winter 2012 UPDATE> The more you try to add at one time, the more you risk having shell ice.

Option 4: This allows you to take advantage of that early season thaw that we all hope never happens.

I have been faced with this exact issue and luckily for me an early season thaw came about and I simply added the water once the sides had melted enough to carefully wedge the hose between the frame and the floating iceburg.

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