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I know I have stated that I started out by using 2x2 stakes to hold my frame and they worked "fine" for the first couple years. I then moved to 1/2" rebar and again they served me well. Now "well" is a relative term here. By that I mean that I never had a blowout because they didn't hold up to the pressure of holding back a little under 6,000 gallons of water. I did however have the frame lean from the pressure.

So, there I was contempleting what to do... Build triangular brackets? Buy NiceRing brackets? I decided to just stick with the rebar for the 2012-2013 season and setup the rink When I say the frame leans, I mean it leans about 3 inches at the top and with the January thaw (two of them this year) that lean had me concerned. Not a big deal though as earlier in the season, after talking to another Yahoo Group member, I found a solution that seemed like it would do the trick.

I got my hands on 12 brackets from "Iron Sleek" and assembled them. Initial impression was that they were VERY strong and can be used with plywood, 2x? or even with NiceRink boards (this made them even more attractive to me as you are not limited to one option for your frame.

Well after January thaw #2, I decided to give these things a whirl. Broke out a couple 2x6 (different lengths) and started to wedge them between my frame and fence to push the frame straight again. Setup the installation tool for the "sleeks" and installed them. Again I will state the lean of the frame (15" tall, 2x12 + 2x4) was AT LEAST 3". After installing the "sleeks" and removing the 2x6 wedge, the frame has a lean of about 1/4" and that is probably because I didn't get the "sleek" perfectly straight up and down as the damn things didn't even budge when I took out the wedge.

So, if you have to hold back 6+ inches of water (I am holding back roughly 11 - 12 inches of water in my deep end) and want a real nice product that adapts to ANY frame material, I would reccomend getting some "Iron Sleeks."

This is my deep end/edge.  I have the sleeks installed every 3'.

Iron Sleek has several great products and have added a few new ones recently.  Click the image below to go to their site and see their entire line of products...

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