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We have all seen the machine at the local rink or at a Hockey game that cleans the ice (at companies request their name has been removed from this article as to "protect" their brand name). We all know what it does (to a certain extent). A homemade version will do some of the same ...

An "Ice Resurfacer" will do some of the same on your backyard rink, but won't cost you a small fortune. An ice resurfacer is a device made from pipe (pvc, copper or steel) or hose that has some kind of crossbar with holes in it. The holes are small and control the amount of water that is dispensed. Some also have a towel or mat that is pulled behind the resurfacer to help distribute the water evenly.

I have built two different versions, one from PVC (the original design) and one from copper. The pvc device worked great for three years, but one cold night it snapped. I am pretty sure that between the extreme cold and the weight of the towel hanging off the crossbar it was an accident waiting to happen. The copper unit is very solid and should last for many more years.

The "Backyard Rink Master" should NOT be without a good resurfacer in their bag of tricks. I do not know what I did without it.

I am no longer able to provide a parts list or assembly instructions as it "induces infringement" on a patent held by Abel Ice Inc. (who have asked me to discontinue the posting). Nicerink and Rink Rake have commercially available tools that will do this job. Check out their websites for details on their products.

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