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This seems like it should be straight forward, but maybe not. You will need tools to maintain your new sheet of ice in your backyard. Here is what I have found to be the essentials to maintaining a backyard rink...

  1. Shovel - To remove the snow from mother nature as well as the snow from skating
  2. Street Broom - To get the snow (and other debris) caused by skating into one pile to be removed by the shovel
  3. Ice Scraper - To quickly take down the high spots (bumps)
  4. Access to a Water Source - If you already have your rink in place this should not be an issue, but you may want to consider access to hot water for ice maintenance
  5. Hose - Again this should not be an issue if your rink is already established, just make sure you can reach all edges of the rink with the hose from inside the rink
  6. Ice Resurfacer - The ice resurfacer lays down the new surface of water and helps you achive that "glass smooth" surface you so desire
  7. 35 Gallon Trash Barrel - For those times when you cannot get on the rink, but need to get a coat of water on it

With these tools you will be able to maintain your rink with great success. Daily maintenance is not an absolute requirement, but the better maintained the surface the more enjoyable the skating.

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