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As a general rule you should clean the ice after each skating session.


The snow created by the skaters will cause bumps as it reattaches to the rink. You can use a street broom, a shovel, a squeege, a board, an ice scraper or just about anything else you can think of. The point is to get the bulk of the scrapings off the rink before they bunch up and make bumps in your ice. Some prople use a combination of some of the listed tools. They might shovel the rink and then sweep it with the broom.

I either use the broom (for light cleanings) or the shovel (for more intense cleaning). If you are going to resurface the rink cleaning it off is an absolute MUST. The ice will be smoother, the skating will be nicer, your skates won't need to be sharpened every other day and if you do it as the last thing when finishing up a skating session you can do it with your skates on and get it done quicker. I have heard some people require all skaters to participate in the cleaning of the rink, not a bad idea it's even quicker that way.

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