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Season 10 is off to a..., well not so great start.

The frame went up the way it always does and then the waiting began.  Looking at the temps I decided to drop in the liner and hope the forecasts were right.  After about an hour of filling, with two hoses, I noticed water outside of the frame, NOT GOOD!  After a close inspection it appears that the liner has razor cuts along one of the folds.  Out comes the submersible pump and three 45-50 gallon barrels.  I took enough water out to inspect the entire length of the fold and low and behold it is all the way down the fold.

I applied some "Dr. Shrink" tape to the effected areas, heat it up with a hair dryer and cross my fingers.  Dump the three barrels back into the rink and start the hoses again.  9 hours later I have the required water depth, now for the big freeze.  Once there was an ice line, I made a mark on the liner with a sharpie at the ice level and hoped it would stay that way.  24 hours later things looked OK, but another 24 hours later and the rink has lost an inch of water.  By the next morning it is down another 3/4 of an inch.  Looks like I either missed a slice or one of the patches came loose.  Unfortunately there is a layer of ice on the rink and I really don't feel like breaking it up to try and figure out where the issue is.  So, I put the hoses back under the ice and raised the level 2 inches above the needed depth in hopes that the cold weather coming will freeze enough to get me through the season.  Time will tell.


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