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My Rink Journals

I decided to keep a journal of my rink, so I can look back after 10 or more years and remember a little bit about each year we had the rink up and in use. I am sure some of the years will be less eventful than others, but here they are...

The eigth season has begun!

Put up the frame the Saturday after Thanksgiving and added 4 feet to the long sides. This brings the overall dimensions to 30x48 (minus the tree). Had to make some repairs to the corners after they sat outside since being used in the 2010-2011 season (2011-2012 was a total bust and didn't even assemble the frame).

Here is a pic of the frame with the added 4 feet (and all the leaves that need to be dealt with).

December 21st dropped in the liner and filled it up. Ran rope lights (red) at center ice under the liner beforehand.

December 25th no ice for Christmas and snow in the forecast, this could get messy before we even have our first skate

December 29th blessed us with a nice rain/snow mix, which put about 2 inches of slush on top of the 3/4 inch of ice. Supposed to be very cold the next couple day, so I should be able to recover quickly.

December 30th red lights under the liner (unfortunately the surface is a mess thanks to the snowstorm).

January 1st First skate of the season! My Daughter has been "itching" to get out on the rink, so I had her do a test walk on the rink. Once she realized it was all good, she couldn't get her skates on fast enough. She skated around, for an hour, while I knocked down some of the high spots from outside the rink.

January 2nd I got home today and my daughter (13) and I took turns with the scraper. Her on skates and I in my sneakers. Knocked down a lot of the remaining high spots to the point I felt a nice run with the homeboni (oh, I mean Schwartz) was in order. Got out the needed hose and "Schwartz" and hooked it up to the hot water feed. I started to make my passes from side to side from the far end back toward the house. I got to center ice and it hit me. I LOVE THIS! Knowing that the surface is smoothing out, any imperfections from my daughter's figure skates will be repaired and the leftover high spots are going to melt themselves down a little. About an hour earlier I was complaining how cold it was outside, now??? I don't feel cold at all, all I feel is a sense of accomplishment. So I finish my last pass, shut off the water, roll up the hose and put it all away. I go back outside and shut off the rope lights and take a look at the rink and know that...

The Rinkmaster has returned!

January 6th
The "January thaw" is upon us. We will have temps as high as 50F for the next week.

January 13th Took a drive to Southboro, MA to meet Dean from the Yahoo Group and get some NiceRink Kickplates from him that he wasn't going to use. Installed them this afternoon. Easy install, protects the liner and they were FREE! How can I complain?

January 15th Met Joe from the Yahoo Group and gave him the leftover kickplates that I got from Dean. Has been a great week so far, even though my rink is a reflecting pond right now. Getting to meet people you have conversed with in a group for years and finally put a face to the name and learn a little more about them is absolutely great.

January 23rd After a total melt, the rink is finally skatable again. Had a couple of inches of snow that as always made a mess of the surface, but was an easy fix with the bucket. The temps at night have been close to 0 F and yet we are still floating on a layer of water.

January 26th Got about an inch of snow overnight, so went out and shoveled it off. Because I am still not frozen solid there was a small amount of seeping on my north edge. After clearing all the snow, I decided to put a thin coat on the rink to smooth things out as the snow left the surface looking like an orange peel.

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