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My Rink Journals

I decided to keep a journal of my rink, so I can look back after 10 or more years and remember a little bit about each year we had the rink up and in use. I am sure some of the years will be less eventful than others, but here they are...

The 08-09 season has started...

This year the trees gave up all their leaves in a normal fashion (on time for the rink season) and have been dealt with as best as one can. Hopefully this year will be a lot colder than last and we will get more than 19 days of skating in. I am hoping for a Christmas skate this year, which will be our first. This year we lost Jack Falla, a fellow rink master and an inspiration to many rink masters of today. He built his rink (The Bacon St. Omni) for 25 years. A few of us are going to put some kind of tribute to Jack into our rinks this year. Once the rink starts to freeze I will get mine in place and get pics of it for the site.


Skating days for this season...

These are actual days that we skated, not days we could have but didn't.

December 2008 0 Days

January 2009 27 Days

February 2009 8 Days


Season Total 35 Days


November 22 & 23, 2008

Saturday got the bulk of the frame together and squeezed a few extra feet into the rink. Last year the rink ended up being 28x40, this year it ended up @ 30x44. 200 sq/ft may not seem like much, but it should make a difference.

Sunday I finished up the frame, but couldn't get the stajkes in as the ground had froze a little from the cold of the past week. It is supposed to be warm the next 5 days and I should be able to get the frame secured with no problems.

November 29, 2008

I know it is early in the season and I am probably asking for trouble, but I dropped in the liner and filled the rink today. I got the red rope lights under the liner for a center line. So far it looks great! Night time temps look like ice could be possible, but the days are still on the warm side. It has dawned on me that as of this years expansion I have officially doubled the original rink size plus some. All this in just 4 years. Pics coming of this years rink as soon as some ice forms...

December, 2008

I filled the rink early in hopes of some December skating or at least a Christmas skate, but Mother Nature wasn't working with me this year. We were close, but not enough to skate. I knew it was a small chance as the weather in MA is not usually cold enough, but had to take the chance.

January 1, 2009

The PVC ice resurfacer snapped after two years of faithful service. Luckily I was finished putting a coat of water on the rink when it happened. Ran out to Home Depot and bought copper to rebuild the it with something more durable. Layed down a second coat of water with the new & improved model and was very pleased with the outcome. I spent some time on the ice under the lights and was very glad the season had finally officially opened with a skating day.

January 2, 2009

The kids are having friends over for some skating today. I will have to run out and sharpen the skates as I didn't check them in the off-season and they need to be sharpened. Day 2 of the season is off to a good start. I think tonight we will light a fire and do some night skating with the kids & friends.

January 5, 2009

The weekend was full of fun and laughter on the rink. I took 10 pairs of skates to the local rink for their annual sharpening on Friday. I think it might be time to get a used skate sharpening machine, maybe. The new Homeboni is working better than ever. Looks like the next three days will be a bit rough, but the rest of the 10-day forecast looks good.

January 10, 2009

Wednesdays storm made a nice orange peel surface, but two coats of water and we were back in business. The depth is a bit too much and there is very little boards to keep the puck in, but the ice is smooth. I may go to Home Depot to see if I can get a pump to take a couple inches of water out while I still have the oppertunity. I installed 5 of the 8 sets of white rope lights just below the bumper caps, they look great except for the fact that the puck has already taken out a few sections of lights. Pics coming soon...

January 24, 2009

This has been a great season so far. No January thaw, but some seriously cold nights. The 15 day has 4 days of 35+ F temps, but they are later in the 15-day, so time will tell if that holds true. I added white rope lights to the boards, just under the pool noodles (bumper caps), but the snowblower ate them. Good thing I bought them after Christmas @ 50% off.Laughing We are gearing up for our Third Annual Winter Party, which will be on Valentines Day this year. We try to have the party the first Saturday of the kids February vacation, so Valentines day it is this year.

P.S. (1-24-09)

Even with all of this extreme cold at night that we have been blessed with, the rink is NOT frozen solid at any point. Yup, we are still floating here on the "South Shore" of MA.

February 7, 2009

What a great January! The rink finally froze to the ground in the bulk of the rink, the deep edge was still floating. The begining of February looked OK, but the temps are a bit warm and causing some issues with the surface. We have plans for our annual "Winter Party" for next week, so I am hoping that the temps drop again and give us skatable ice for the party. 29 days of skating so far this season! WOOHOO!

March 18, 2009

Well February was a rough month. Several warm days in a row, then cold again, then warm again. Made it hard to get more than 8 days on the rink. The "Annual Winter Party" was on Valentines day this year. We had people here from 11 am until 10 pm and the rink was in full use.

The rink is almost empty at this point as I have been draining it for the last week. I am debating keeping the liner or just throwing it out and getting a new one this fall. I guess I'll have to make that decision in the next day or two.

I'm thinking of doing some more leveling in the yard before I take up the frame as it gives me a real good level line to work with. I am also thinking that 24 inch boards may be needed for next year. I had 8 inches of board when I finished filling the rink, but ended the season with 1/2 inch showing. The rain and snow during the season filled my 2x12 frame. This of course did NOT keep the puck(s) on the rink and we lost a few during the season. Thankfully they don't go too far and have been reclaimed.

All in all this was a great season! 35 days of skating and possible an additional 7 that the rink was usable, but lour busy schedules didn't allow for it.

Here is looking forward to next season!

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