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My Rink Journals

I decided to keep a journal of my rink, so I can look back after 10 or more years and remember a little bit about each year we had the rink up and in use. I am sure some of the years will be less eventful than others, but here they are...

Season 10 is off to a..., well not so great start.

The frame went up the way it always does and then the waiting began.  Looking at the temps I decided to drop in the liner and hope the forecasts were right.  After about an hour of filling, with two hoses, I noticed water outside of the frame, NOT GOOD!  After a close inspection it appears that the liner has razor cuts along one of the folds.  Out comes the submersible pump and three 45-50 gallon barrels.  I took enough water out to inspect the entire length of the fold and low and behold it is all the way down the fold.

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Season 11 is off to a slow start.

December 11, 2015
The frame is not up yet, things have been a bit busy.  It has also been very warm here in the Northeast, so no real rush to get the frame assembled.  Crossing my fingers that the remaining 50' of the roll from last year is in better shape that the first 50' was, but I am prepared to deal with the potential slices on the folds (unlike last year).

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Sometime in December 2005:
Well Christmas was coming and my mother wanted to know what I thought about her buying a backyard rink kit for the kids as a Christmas present. I thought about where I would put in and thought the yard was pretty level and would have enough room for it, so I said go for it. She bought the Ice-n-Go 19'x32' kit and the adventure began.

December 20, 2005
The kit arrived the week before Christmas and my mother decided to wait until Christmas to give it to the kids. The temps were below freezing all week. Christmas day arrives and the kids are very excited about the thought of a skating rink in "their own yard".

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Sometime in November 2006:
Layed out what I think could be the location/size of this years rink. Used some pvc pipe I had to give me an idea and I think this will do. Last years rink 19'x32', this years rink will be 34'x34'.

November 16, 2006
Took out the boards and started to lay them out to see what I would need to buy to complete the frame. All of last years frame will be reused. Went to Home Depot and bought the rest of the wood and steel ties to complete the frame. Broke out the laser level and started getting my heights and selecting the boards to match. Started looking online for a 40'x40' liner as well, looks like I will have to get a 40'x60' though.

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The season has begun! This year I am going bigger and more rectangle. Dimensions will be roughly 29x44 (ish) and we are going for round corners too! I am also planning on using the water that is removed from the above ground pool to start the fill of the rink, so I will be filling early this year. This might even get us some extra skating days too!

Skating days for this season...

These are actual days that we skated, not days we could have but didn't.

December 2007 5 Days

January 2008 11 Days

February 2008 3 Days

March 2008

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The 08-09 season has started...

This year the trees gave up all their leaves in a normal fashion (on time for the rink season) and have been dealt with as best as one can. Hopefully this year will be a lot colder than last and we will get more than 19 days of skating in. I am hoping for a Christmas skate this year, which will be our first. This year we lost Jack Falla, a fellow rink master and an inspiration to many rink masters of today. He built his rink (The Bacon St. Omni) for 25 years. A few of us are going to put some kind of tribute to Jack into our rinks this year. Once the rink starts to freeze I will get mine in place and get pics of it for the site.

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This season started out in a very chaotic manner.

Typically the liner is purchased in October and the frame is up just after Thanksgiving. Not so much this year though. The frame just went up January 16, 2010 and the liner is on order. After placing my order with my usual vendor I got an email the next day announcing that the liner was "out-of-stock" and the only size they had that would cover the rink was more than double the cost. After a small panic attack I found a place that has the needed poly and have ordered it (more on this later).

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Welcome Season 6!!!

Unfortunately season 6 started late, but not as late as season 5. The frame went up on December 11 and the liner went in December 20. After last years mess with the liner one would have thought that I would have purchased my liner in September, but I didn't due to budgetary issues. I called The Tarp & Cover Superstore and discovered they were yet again out of stock for the size I needed. As I was NOT going to go the route I did last year, I called J. Freeman in Dorchester, MA and they had a roll that I could use. Unfortunately it was a 40x100 and all I really need is a 40x50.

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The eigth season has begun!

Put up the frame the Saturday after Thanksgiving and added 4 feet to the long sides. This brings the overall dimensions to 30x48 (minus the tree). Had to make some repairs to the corners after they sat outside since being used in the 2010-2011 season (2011-2012 was a total bust and didn't even assemble the frame).

Here is a pic of the frame with the added 4 feet (and all the leaves that need to be dealt with).

December 21st dropped in the liner and filled it up. Ran rope lights (red) at center ice under the liner beforehand.

December 25th no ice for Christmas and snow in the forecast, this could get messy before we even have our first skate

December 29th blessed us with a nice rain/snow mix, which put about 2 inches of slush on top of the 3/4 inch of ice. Supposed to be very cold the next couple day, so I should be able to recover quickly.

December 30th red lights under the liner (unfortunately the surface is a mess thanks to the snowstorm).

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The nineth season has begun!

Last season the guys @ Iron Sleek sent me some of their brackets to test out and review.  Well this year I got enough to frame the rink exclusively with them, so I guess that means I like them.  They are real easy to install, can be installed before the frame goes up OR AFTER when you realize you need more bracing in the deep end.  My 30x47 rink got some new corners this year due to the true round corners all rotted beyond repair.  As of today (November 20, 2013) the frame is up, level and just waiting for the temps to drop so I can drop in the liner and fill. 

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