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Jack Falla is a legend in the Yahoo group "BackyardRink" for his 25 years of rink building as well as his advice and comments to the group during the season and off-season. Jack has been a great inspiration to many in journalism and the backyard rink builing areas. The passion he shows for his writing and his favorite sport is amazing at times. He wrote into the Yahoo group the following story during the off-season that I think gives you a glimps of the man.

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By: Bill Arnold

It is a weird thing that happens to you once you put an ice rink in your backyard.

When you were a kid the weather never really mattered to you.Summers were hot and you always had something to do.Winters were cold and you still always had something to do.You got up in the morning, ate breakfast and went outside.If your parents were lucky they saw you for lunch, otherwise they didn’t see you until supper.Whether it was spring, summer, fall or winter the only weather that stopped this scenario was rain.You never really complained about it being too hot or too cold and let’s face it you wished for more snow, not less.

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Over the years my rink has morphed from a 19x30 to it's current 30x50 size. I have gone from just enough boards to hold the needed water, to enough boards to give me a minimum of 4" of boards (which keeps the puck on the rink). I have made round corners and added bumper caps. Most recently, I have added kickplates to help protect the liner from the puck, skates and shovel. The below article WAS my "How to" for this site, but I have ammended it to be more of a timeline for my personal rink and I created a new "How to" for the site

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Growing up in the town that I did we had several choices of “where to play hockey today” whether it was the small swamps or the much larger ponds.We spent many a day out on the ice.The only downfall was lugging the equipment back and forth.Even though we had many choices none were very close to our homes and some required lengthy hikes into the woods to get to.This didn’t stop us from playing though.

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by Bill Arnold

After the kids go to bed and the world seems to be settling in for the night the “Rink Master” is on the job. He goes out in the cold to begin his daily routine. He turns on the floodlights and spends some time looking at the work ahead of him. He sees the backyard rink with scattered lines from skates covering the surface. The surface is no longer shiny, but dull from the day’s activity. Some snow is still on there from the stops and hard turns of the day. Some ruts have formed from the relentless skaters of the day making their way around the rink. He realizes that yet again the backyard rink has brought joy and laughter to another group of people. He gets out his tools and gets ready to make it all beautiful again.

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